About Us

About PWMI

Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI) began in 1917 as "The Advent Testimony and Preparation Movement".

The work was founded during World War One, following the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem, opening the possibility after 2000 years of a national homeland for the Jewish People.

Dr F. B. Meyer, Dr Graham Scroggie and others launched the Movement declaring that they believed the Word of the Lord had begun to be fulfilled in Luke ch.21 v 24 and "The Times of the Gentiles" had begun to come to an end.

Our message is Christ centred and Bible based. We believe in the divine inspiration of "all scripture" and believe that the exposition of "the blessed hope" promotes holy living and evangelism.

Our movement is inter-denominational and evangelical, teaching the pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ.

Our Magazine

Is "Prophetic Witness" which is published monthly. It includes prophetic news, Israel in the Scriptures, biblical exposition, comment and current affairs.

Our Ministry


Branch Meetings.

Conventions and Bible teaching Meetings.

Sale of Bibles, books, tapes and DVDs on our Lord's return.

Our Council

Our council meet regularly through the year.


Contact Details

You can write to us at
Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI)
P.O. Box 109
Leyland, Lancashire
PR25 1 WB

Telephone: +44 (0)1772 452846
Email: info@pwmi.org

Charity Number: 228941