• Christian Credibility in a Global Crisis - Donald CB Cameron

Christian Credibility in a Global Crisis - Dr Donald CB Cameron.

"This book is intended primarily for Christians who are genuinely perplexed." So writes the author, Dr. Donald Cameron, a former member of the PWMI Council and a regular commentator on prophetic matters.

Addressing the way the Church has lost much of its credibility because of its failure to speak with one voice about the rapture of the Church, the national restoration of Israel, and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, this book is a valuable resource, companion, and handbook for all who desire to understand the times in which we are now living. Its 92 pages are very readable, and interspersed with helpful bullet points and summaries which will undoubtedly fill in some of the gaps for many believers. 

Donald Cameron has devoted considerable attention in his book to the watershed issue of Israel, and has provided a very helpful summary and outline of all the main schools of prophetic interpretation ­amillennialism, premillennialism, and postmillennialism. It is his express hope that those who are convinced about the Lord's any-moment return will stand with greater boldness for their convictions in these days of compromise and apathy, and in turn use this book to reach out to those who do not recognise the urgency and lateness of the hour.

Paul Wilkinson

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Christian Credibility in a Global Crisis - Donald CB Cameron

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