Left Behind or Led Astray - Exposed

Left Behind or Led Astray? - Exposed

A new DVD documentary has just been released by Good Fight Ministries entitled, "Left Behind or Led Astray? Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre—Tribulation Rapture." Good Fight Ministries is run by post—tribulationist Joe Schimmel, the senior pastor at Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, California. Schimmel’s ministry is endorsed by evangelist Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, star of the original "Left Behind" movies. The following write—up appears on the back cover: "Take a fascinating journey with us as we examine the shocking origins of the secret, pre—tribulation rapture doctrine... Featuring expert commentary from David M. Bennett, Dr. Mark Patterson, Jacob Prasch, Joel Richardson, and Dave MacPherson."

The truth of the matter is that the 4 1/2 hour film seriously distorts the historical evidence and is full of false accusations, unsubstantiated myths, and lies.

The Middle East Meltdown

The Middle East Meltdown - Dr Andy Woods

The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel

Dr Andy Woods

There are two passages of Scripture which have drawn the interest of many students of prophecy over a long period of time; namely, the Gog/Magog Invasion of Israel in
Ezekiel 38 & 39, and the so called conflict of Psalm 83.
In this book Andy Woods deals with both, only very briefly with the latter. The bulk of the book is on Ezekiel’s prophesied war involving a coalition of nations led by a powerful northern enemy of Israel.

Unveiling The End Times In Our Time

Unveiling The End Times In Our Time

The Triumph of the Lamb in REVELATION

Adrian Rodgers

Some will say, ’Not another book on Revelation — don’t they all say the same thing?’ The answer to that is yes and no. Obviously it they are true to interpretation then there will be a good deal of similarity, however, every author has his own way of writing and his own unique insights on the word. This is very true of this exposition of Revelation by renowned late speaker Adrian Rogers.

Rogers, who went to be with the Lord in 2005, was one at the leading premillennial speakers in the USA and pastor of the 27,000 member Belle Vue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee and his Love Worth Finding, radio and television broadcasts were heard and seen by millions. This update version oi this book also contains contributions from his son, Steve Rogers, who continues parts of his ministry.

The Minor Prophets And The End Times

The Minor Prophets And The End Times

Donald C.B. Cameron

"This work will provide an excellent supplement in anyone’s library who wants to understand the rich and important details at the eschatology taught in ’The Twelve’.” So writes Dr Thomas Ice in his Foreword to Donald Cameron’s latest book. This is high praise indeed From the Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Virginia, USA, and it is fully justified.

Dr Cameron has produced a timely and comprehensive survey of the ’Minor Prophets,’ which carefully takes the reader through each book in order to highlight what God has sovereignly and prophetically decreed for Israel and the nations (but not the Church!). In the process Dr Cameron lays down the gauntlet to those who wrongly contend that Israel has been replaced by the Church, that the Church must pass through the Tribulation period, and that the Lord Jesus Christ will not return in person to reign upon the earth.

Babylon In Europe

Babylon In Europe
What Bible Prophecy Reveals About
The European Union

David Hathaway

This superb little book is written by the author of ’Czechmate’ — Rev David Hathaway. Sub-titled, ’What prophecy says about the E.U.’ it is an excellent treatment of the subject.
The author begins with an explanation of the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's image in Dan. 2 and shows how the EU, might relate to that and the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

He outlines the godless ethos of the E.U.constitution together with the satanic spirit at the union which is based on humanism and anti-semitism.

The Coming Crisis

The Coming Crisis


    CRISIS, climax zero hour, the crash! Is that how it is to be? Is there something catastrophic round the corner? Are we sitting on a volcano grumbling to erupt? But isn’t it all very stupid to talk like that?

    Scaremongering is a mean business and we want none of it. Yet - and this is a remarkable thing - if you were to confide your fears to the man in the street, he wouldn’t think you mad! He is very worried himself when he thinks about it. The press, TV and radio pour the whole wretched story of a chaotic world into our laps. We cannot escape it. The violent insanity of our age threatens to undo civilisation and throw us back to an early barbarism where high principle, moral standards, common civility and God himself have no meaning. History, of course, is a series of crises. That’s how we fix dates in our mind. Crises tumble one on another thick and fast, or history books would be as stuffy as the multiplication table.

    Is something quite extraordinary likely to happen in our time - a crisis of crises? If we try to interpret history, one guess is as good as another: and if we try to piece the confusing bits of current events together to make a pattern, we get nowhere. Are we entirely at the mercy of human wisdom to discern the future - man’s wisdom has proved pretty threadbare - or is there some authoritative source to enlighten our poor, bewildered minds about what it is all coming too? Yes, GOD! From Adam onwards God has divulged His secrets to men He could trust. God told His prophets in the Old Testament, who in turn told the people, of sure and certain eventualities. The people for the most part could not have cared less. They ridiculed the communications as the fantasy of disordered minds, and did some of God’s prophets to death for their pains. But it all came about just as God had said and passed into history. The fact is, God is not uncommunicative. "Surely the Lord does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7). But we are born cynics, our inherent belief in a communicating God blinds us to His truth. We stumble on in our darkness, which becomes the more dense by reason of the stupid prejudices we pick up by the way. It is not difficult to believe the words of St. Paul, "The god of this world (the devil) has blinded the minds of unbelievers" (2 Cor. 4:4). But the light of God is the answer to the darkness of man. We become intelligent and understanding when we abase ourselves before the God only wise and let Him teach us from His Word, the Holy Scriptures.

The Premillennial Faith


The Premillennial Faith is that the Coming of Christ at the end of this Gospel Age is to be followed by His visible reign over the nations of the world, before the final resurrection of the wicked and the creation of new heavens and earth This, we believe, is what John clearly teaches in chapters nineteen to twenty-one of the Apocalypse. To believe this is not to commit oneself to the idea that the Cross was unnecessary, or that it was second-best to a proffered kingdom. Nor is it to believe that the Church was an afterthought, a mere parenthetical innovation. All such propositions we utterly reject We must confine ourselves to a discussion of leading ideas and points of difference.