Islam Israel And The Church

Islam Israel And The Church

Marcel Rebiai

This interesting book clearly sets out the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The author looks at all three religions from an historical and theological background.

The chapter on the origins and beliefs of Islam is most helpful and gives a clear understanding of what the Moslem religion is all about. By the same token Israel’s election by God is also biblically set forth along with God’s continued plan for them as a nation. Replacement theology is refuted as the author draws a distinction between God’s plan for Israel and tor the Church.

God's People And God's Purpose


This interesting Ritchie reprint of an earlier work by Archie & Fraser Naismith is well worth reading. Entitled 'God's People and God's Purpose' with a sub-title 'The Hope of Israel and the Church' makes a distinction between the two said groups of people while also showing that their destinies are dovetailed together in the eternal plan of God.