In Touch with the General Director - April 2020



Dear Friends,

As you know these are unprecedented days  with a worldwide pandemic which is affecting life and peoples living patterns all around the world. There is still a good deal of unpredictability about the weeks and months ahead and nobody really knows how things will yet unfold before it comes to an end. What we do know is that every aspect of society is facing great pressure and changes and adjustments are having to be made with the changing order of things. In this column this month I  want to set out for your information how this is affecting our great movement and our daily operations.

Our head office is temporarily closed in keeping with government guidelines. I have removed our computers and some important files to my home and am doing my best to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this crisis. You will not be able to contact us on our head office phone for the time being but you can still phone or text on my mobile number and our head  office email is still in use. These details are on page two of the magazine. There may be some disruption in our services, particularly regarding our mail order book sales. We would ask  you to be patient and understanding on this. Please pray for our chairman, Dr Stephen Boreland and everyone on our leadership  team on whom I rely for help and advice in all the major  decisions we take at this time.

Our branches have cancelled their meetings in the near future, again in line with government guidance. Quite when these branch meetings will resume is uncertain. All of our branch  secretaries are capable people who will keep regular attenders informed of the situation locally. Please don't hesitate to contact your local branch secretary for information they will be  glad to hear from you. As our editor has already indicated in his column we have regrettably had to cancel our renowned Bournemouth Convention in May.

Again our editor has indicated that it is the desire of Council/leadership team to keep our monthly magazine in regular production. I have been in consultation with everyone concerned and we are hoping to maintain a monthly mailing. However, I have to flag up the fact that for complex operational  reasons it may not be possible, and we may have to go bi-monthly for one  or possibly two issues but we will endeavour to our best to avoid this. Please pray for our editor, Richard Salmon and the wonderful job he is doing.

In the event that we have to go bi-monthly as set out above, nobody should worry about being at financial loss as your subscription renewal date will be adjusted accordingly to take this into account. On the matter of subscriptions we will be continuing to send out renewal reminders by email wherever possible. Postal reminders may not be possible so if you know your  subscription is due please send it in promptly to maintain our good cash flow situation. Let me remind you that renewals can be made on our website via Paypal or by electronic bank  transfer using our bank details on page two of the magazine. If doing a bank transfer please advise by email so that we can update our records promptly. Payments on the website will be notified to us by Paypal. As always you can still pay by cheque or postal order. Please look at the PWMI number on your address label and if it is encircled in red then your subscription is due. We realise that some of you may not be able to leave your homes to post your renewal - don't worry NOBODY will be struck off our mailing list during this crisis.

Just a word about myself. My wife Connie and myself are in total isolation in our home and will be for many weeks because of Connie's very high risk situation and long standing health  issues. During March she was hospitalised with a severe chest infection and spent some time in isolation until a covid test result came back which fortunately was negative. This is a  worrying time for us and we solicit your prayers as we also pray for others.

The events that confront our world today are what I have been preaching about for decades. The rapture could be very near and I am sure that this pandemic is not without prophetic  significance. I would urge all PWMI supporters to use the current crisis in a positive way to witness to people about the Lord's return. At the same time I would urge you be be careful and  guarded in your speech when witnessing to unbelievers at this time of widespread anxiety and loss of life.  Let us at all times  'Speak the truth in Love'.

May God bless & keep you.    Keep safe.


Rev Colin Le Noury
General Director