Is it possible to do the following two things at the same time?

1) Face up honestly to what is happening in the world.

2) Have a confident, hopeful attitude to life

The more we face up to what is happening in the world, the more likely we are to get depressed. Pollution of the environment is having a disastrous effect on the only planet we can live on. Deadly conflicts are engulfing more and more areas of the world, ruining people's lives and turning once beautiful countries into killing grounds ruled by mobs with guns and bombs. Our cities are becoming more and more unsafe as crime and violence increase all the time.

The alternative to facing all this is to escape and pretend that it isn't happening. Live for the moment - eat drink and be merry, buy all the things the ad-men say are essential for human happiness. Don't worry about what is going on in the world - relax with a drink, watch the TV and lose yourself in the lives of your favourite soap opera characters.

But maybe neither of these alternatives suits you. You don't want to be depressed by reality and you don't want to escape into unreality. What can you do?

The answer has to do with God - not a God of our imagination or a God who makes people fight and kill in his name, but the real God who loves us and wants us to love Him and each other. He set this world in motion and he will bring it to an end in the way he said he would in the Bible. He sent Jesus the Messiah into the world to bring us salvation and eternal life.

You may not realise it but the things going on in the world today are prophesied in the Bible for the last days of this age. For example:

Prophetic Witness - November 2020

Prophetic Witness - November 2020

The Prophetic Future

by Gordon Maclachlan


In commencing this study, it behoves us to remember that “we know in part” and consequently, dogmatism regarding the details of coming events, ill becomes those who write and speak about the future. That which is revealed has been given for our blessing and learning and we should seek to profit there from. Where Scripture is silent, it does not become us to speak. It should also be our aim to adhere as closely as possible to what is written in “the Scripture of truth.” Fanciful interpretations of the prophetic word should be avoided.

There is a vast background to the subject of this study. It would appear that failure to consider the whole prophetic programme has resulted in many misunderstandings and much superficiality of outlook. To many, it is sufficient that the Lord is coming again, and even among this class, there are many who never seem to have grasped anything further than “the Rapture.” When it is seen that “the Rapture” is but the first step in a glorious programme that includes such items as the manifestation of earth’s rightful Sovereign, the splendour of His reign, and ultimately the introduction of “new heavens and a new earth,” the mind is better equipped to apprehend the wondrous things that God has yet in store.



Job 32: 1-4; 33:6, 7, 23

I do not know whether you have read this Book of Job. I want to show you the point of it. It is very interesting in this respect - it shows God’s interest in one soul. The soul of man is so precious to God that this book is all about one man - all about Job. Are you not struck with the fact that God is interested in one soul? My dear friend, it is my joy to tell you that God is interested in your soul; you may not be interested in it; you may have passed your time in neglect of it. It is sad to see how people neglect this most important matter. Not that you do not intend some time to pay attention to it, but the devil has succeeded so far, and you have lent a willing ear to him. He has succeeded, as he did with me once, in persuading you to shelve this question. You think more about business matters - the things of this life - than the interests of your soul; that shall be attended to at some future time, you say. I would urge you to care for it now.

God was interested in Job. Here is one book of forty-two chapters - all about one soul.

JFK's Question - And Yours?

FIVE DAYS before he became the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy asked evangelist Billy Graham to have lunch and play golf with him. After the game they were driving back to the Kennedy home when the president—elect stopped the car, turned to Billy and said, ‘I want to ask you something. Do you believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?‘ The evangelist replied, 'I most certainly do.‘ Kennedy then asked, ‘Well, does my church believe it?‘ (he was a Roman Catholic). ‘They have it in their creeds,‘ answered Billy. 'They don't preach it,‘ said Kennedy. 'They don't tell us much about it. I'd like to know what you think.‘ And so Billy Graham explained what the Bible said about this great prophetic event. (Sources include: Billy Graham, "Just As I Am" p.395).

There Will Be A Millennium - Rev. E. Buckhurst Pinch

There Will Be A Millennium

by Rev. E. Buckhurst Pinch

    THERE is a certain group of teachers today - and some of them in respected evangelical circles - who are making bold assertions, which are ill-founded, and without Scriptural authority.

    The writings of these A-Millennialist teachers show very considerable disagreement among themselves. Most of them, however, apparently subscribe to three propositions: (1) that there is to be no millennium; (2) that there is no future for Israel; and (3) that all the prophecies of the Old Testament are to be spiritually realised in the Church.

    These three assumptions are, of course, bound up together. To say that there is no millennium means that there is no future for Israel, and if there be no fulfilment of these predictions for Israel then we may assume that they are to be fulfilled as all prophecy must be, and fulfilled in this case in the Church. These three suggestions, therefore, stand or fall together.

The Coming Crisis

The Coming Crisis


    CRISIS, climax zero hour, the crash! Is that how it is to be? Is there something catastrophic round the corner? Are we sitting on a volcano grumbling to erupt? But isn’t it all very stupid to talk like that?

    Scaremongering is a mean business and we want none of it. Yet - and this is a remarkable thing - if you were to confide your fears to the man in the street, he wouldn’t think you mad! He is very worried himself when he thinks about it. The press, TV and radio pour the whole wretched story of a chaotic world into our laps. We cannot escape it. The violent insanity of our age threatens to undo civilisation and throw us back to an early barbarism where high principle, moral standards, common civility and God himself have no meaning. History, of course, is a series of crises. That’s how we fix dates in our mind. Crises tumble one on another thick and fast, or history books would be as stuffy as the multiplication table.

    Is something quite extraordinary likely to happen in our time - a crisis of crises? If we try to interpret history, one guess is as good as another: and if we try to piece the confusing bits of current events together to make a pattern, we get nowhere. Are we entirely at the mercy of human wisdom to discern the future - man’s wisdom has proved pretty threadbare - or is there some authoritative source to enlighten our poor, bewildered minds about what it is all coming too? Yes, GOD! From Adam onwards God has divulged His secrets to men He could trust. God told His prophets in the Old Testament, who in turn told the people, of sure and certain eventualities. The people for the most part could not have cared less. They ridiculed the communications as the fantasy of disordered minds, and did some of God’s prophets to death for their pains. But it all came about just as God had said and passed into history. The fact is, God is not uncommunicative. "Surely the Lord does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7). But we are born cynics, our inherent belief in a communicating God blinds us to His truth. We stumble on in our darkness, which becomes the more dense by reason of the stupid prejudices we pick up by the way. It is not difficult to believe the words of St. Paul, "The god of this world (the devil) has blinded the minds of unbelievers" (2 Cor. 4:4). But the light of God is the answer to the darkness of man. We become intelligent and understanding when we abase ourselves before the God only wise and let Him teach us from His Word, the Holy Scriptures.